Hi, I’m Tina and I’m a quilter.

I’m also a wife, a mom, a cook, a maid, a chauffeur, and a lover of all things beautiful.

At heart I love tradition. Having moved around a lot as a kid I love the idea of putting my roots down somewhere and never moving again. I love history and knowing where I came from and all things foundational. That’s where the name Thirteen Quilts came from. There is this idea, I call it an idea because there really isn’t any substantiated documentation on it, that up until about 1900 girls were not only taught to quilt but in order to have an acceptable dowry they needed 13 quilts of different techniques to bring to their new home. I love to learn new techniques and to teach my own daughter quilting and sewing skills, and I hope she will create her own “dowry” of beautiful handmade quilts, hence Thirteen Quilts was born.

On the flip side I find modern design to be so beautiful! Modern quilts in particular- both the piecing and quilting. Because modern quilting is so new it’s easy to feel intimidated and uncertain but I just go for it and typically love what I make. If not I’ve got a good seam ripper that works wonders.

Here I hope to  share with you my view of this modern traditionalism and how they can live happily together.


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