Summer Fun!

This summer has been crazy busy and so much fun! My kiddos have the shortest summer ever- 8 weeks! What ever happened to the three month summer? It about kills me to send them back, but they love it. This is our second summer in school (I’ve always homeschooled them before we made the leap to ‘real’ school) and the schools calendar is not my fav. So, instead of being a downer I decided to make this the funnest summer ever, and since I’m not a scrapbooker (except that one summer I tried and failed miserably) I’m making a chat book about it! Easy Peasy!

In the past I’ve posted on Instagram here and there, usually feeling less than perfect next to everyone else’s beautifully styled and posed photos. I know it’s me- I can’t blame anyone else for feeling less than perfect- but it really got me down. But then one day about 3 months ago I decided that the second I began to judge myself against the gorgeous, skinny mom on my feed I’d shut it off. And what do you know? I love Instagram again! I get on a bit but the pull just isn’t there anymore, instead I just post all day long of all my photos of cute & goofy kids.

Here’s a little peak at what my summer has looked like…

Let’s start with the good stuff! By raise of hands, who loves Quilt Barns???

Me! Me! Me!

My mom and I took my kiddos to Mount Rushmore just last week and on our way there we drove through this tiny town called Lusk. It is chalk full of them! I was in Quilt Barn heaven! They are beautiful and colorful, and I am re-motivated and inspired to make at least one for my house. It’s high on my to do list next month.

I absolutely love the history of the Quilt Barn. All of the historical, traditional stories that belong to quilting just draw me in. My mom had never heard the story before so as we drove out of town I was able to tell her how the pioneers built barns but didn’t have the money to paint them red, the traditional barn color. Instead they painted large quilt blocks on the side to add a pop of color.

South Dakota has the most beautiful storms I have ever seen. The photos don’t do it justice, although they never do, do they? We also toured a cave, drove to Sturgis and went to the Harley Davidson store for my mom and step-dad, toured the Black Hills and the Badlands. It was all amazing. I want to do it again next summer and bring the guys!

Although I’m sharing this last, this was our first stop this summer… San Diego! We have a house there, which we go to as often as possible. I have two kiddos with summer birthdays so we got them surfing lessons- a long awaited for experience. They took immediately to it so we popped on over to Costco any picked up a surfboard for each of them. The boys have a naturally stronger upper body so my girl and I really need to work on the pushups to get up on them! That’s the goal before Labor Day, big muscles!!! LOL

San Diego is my other home, it’s where half of my heart is. Most of the year I live in the desert. It’s kind of ugly, with too many houses and tumbleweeds. There is a lot of beauty to the desert, but I’m not a desert rat. I love watching the sunset and sitting on the beach or cliffs is my favorite way to see it. We all connect with nature and God differently, and this is my way. I can’t wait to get back, on my paddle board and BBQ’ing with friends. Only 5 more weeks! (Yes, I am counting down the days.)

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