Brown Paper Packages

Over the weekend I received my Little Quilts Swap little quilt. Like all great packages it was wrapped in brown paper.

My doorbell rang on Saturday afternoon and my kids ran to the door… why do kids love answering the door when adults usually say “can someone get the door?” I thought it would be the group of kids from the neighborhood, whom my husband call the entourage, but I was wrong. Disappointed again because the package was not for them they dropped it at the foot of my staircase (my studio is in a loft) and went back to playing.

When I managed to come downstairs and saw the hashtag I squeeled! I had barely begun my little quilt to give away and here was a package just for me. Instead of immediately opening and devouring everything inside I exercised patience and vowed to complete mine first. With this box sitting in eye view it didn’t take long to get it done.

Disclaimer: I did open the box before I was finished, but only because I didn’t have the right color thread to finish the binding and would have to wait until Monday to get to the store for more.

Are you dying to see what was inside? I know I was!!!

Three of these cute baggies filled with these treats,

How did she know I love dark chocolate? I’ve already tried a few and they are heavenly!!!

And this gorgeous quilt!

As I watched my Instagram feed coming through I remember seeing this quilt and thinking “I wish this was for me!!!” with great envy for whomever would be receiving it, and there it was! Right before my eyes! The Lord surely loves me.

All made with love and packaged with care by Stacey Ann.

Thank you Stacey Ann, I love it!!!

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