Little Quilts

If you love quilts like I do than you’e seen little quilts everywhere lately. They are tiny and cute, and perfect for hanging on your studio wall for decoration. Some favorites are Camille Roskelley’s Mini Quilts

Bonnie and Camille booth

the Spiral Geese by Better Off Thread

and I especially love Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger’s new book Little Quilts.

So when Sarah decided to host a Little Quilts Swap I was all over it! There were only 200 spots so luckily I was able to get in.

If you’ve never participated in a swap there is a moderator, or team leader, who pairs up participants. In this swap you are giving to someone different than you are receiving from. And it’s top secret. You can blog and post elsewhere about you’re work but you can’t say who it’s for and everyone has to ship by Dec 1 so you get it before Christmas. It’s fun and exciting!

I’m making for someone super cute and crafty, and luckily we have very similar taste so it was easy to plan. I picked out some of my favorite fabrics and whipped it up in just a few hours.

Some of my favorite fabrics

I just love the tigers pieced into this star!

It didn’t take long until I knew how I wanted to quilt it. I doubled the batting so it would have a nice poof to it.

All that’s left is the binding but that will have to wait until tomorrow- I don’t have the right color thread, darn it. Next week I’ll mail it off with a whole package of goodies. I love swaps!!!

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